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Dear friends,

A long felt need of having a dedicated defence news agency was fulfilled recently when the web portal DEFENCE EXPRESS was launched during the Aero India, 2013. The aim of the first ever defence news agency in India is to provide the fastest and reliable news coverage relating to armed forces to our esteemed subscribers.

You may be aware that there is group of defence correspondents on social media (Facebook) where a pool of around 200 professionals is actively participating and contributing their reports and inputs to the defence fraternity. We wish to leverage that synergy and replicate the model for the larger audience. The initiative is completely different than the existing defence portals that are solely based on the defence trade news magazines models. Defence Express seeks to disseminate sector related news reports in a very bold, quickest and credible manner.

     The Defence New Agency with its far and wide reach would target a selective audience of strategic thinkers, military leaders, and the decision makers in this very important sector. Our target audience also includes a large number of defence companies having turnover of billions of dollars, numerous defence establishments which are churning out cutting edge technologies, military institutions of national importance and strategic think tanks.

A pool of correspondents spread across the country and abroad would be at work to provide the defence news reports to you. We urge you to make use of this unique platform to take your views, ideas and products to the select audience and become active participants of this vibrant defence news agency.


Alka Kaushik 

Defence Express 

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