#Boeing launches C-17 Training Center for Indian Air Force Featured

  • Sunday, Jul 10 2016

As part of the first training services contract awarded by India to Boeing a state of art training center has been lauched in Gurgaon to provide C-17 training services to the Indian Air Force (IAF), which is currently operating ten such strategic lift aircraft.

 Once fully operational, the new center will be capable of conducting local and multi-site simulations for added realism and more robust training.

The C-17 training facility, which is located at the Flight Simulation Technique Centre in Gurgaon, will be a full-service location offering instruction to aircrews that operate the 10 C-17 airlifters that Boeing delivered to India in 2014.

The center features a complete training solution for C-17 pilots and loadmasters with advanced simulation, courseware and computer-based training to practice the complete range of tasks required for military airlift operations and humanitarian missions, along with other scenarios such as aerial refueling and emergency procedures.

The facility includes weapons systems and loadmaster station trainers that can be employed individually or networked together to rehearse complete missions. The simulator’s flight deck supports training with night vision goggles for comprehensive mission training.

The centre has been opened in in partnership with Mahindra Defence.

“This  is another example of the steps we are taking to contribute to the building of a holistic aerospace ecosystem in support of Make in India,” said Pratyush Kumar, president, Boeing India. “This demonstrates our commitment to provide reliable support and services for our customers throughout the lifecycle of a product.”


“We are delighted to partner with Boeing in this venture,” said S. P. Shukla, group president, Aerospace & Defence Sector, and chairman, Mahindra Defence Systems. “We have credible expertise in this specialized area of operations and training and we believe this joint endeavor will help deliver the objectives of the Government of India and the Indian Air Force of building capabilities indigenously.”

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