Back Home From Delhi, Parrikar No More Afraid of Cracking Jokes in Goa Featured

  • Wednesday, Nov 08 2017

By Mukesh Kaushik

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar left an indelible mark by his witty one-liners during his brief stint as Defence Minister. The tenure also left lasting memories for Mr Parrikar also, who continue to cherish the memories which he carried back home from the South Block.

His latest remarks during a maritime conference made alive all those out-of-box comments that of and on had caused ripples in the boring coffee house debate in national capital.

Here are some of his witty remarks.

“When I entered Defence (Ministry) I didn’t know any of their designations. For me… I didn’t know the difference between a Captain, a Major, Admiral and Rear Admiral… Why you call it Admiral from rear I do not know. I was totally blank when I entered,” Parrikar said wondering as to why one of their top ranked officials was referred to as “admiral from rear”.

"I found that nowadays the eyes are becoming smaller and smaller. One day I turned it back and found Made in China," said Parrikar at Vivekananda International Foundation in splits, talking about the idols of Lord Ganesha, which he often gets.

Parrikar, known for his witty one-liners, also took a dig at Pakistan when a journalist told him that his recent comment on using terrorists to neutralise terrorists has spooked the neighbour (unko mirchi lagi hai). Parrikar replied, "I will not go into what Pakistan feels about that but mirchi, woh bhi Andhra ki lagi hai."

Once he admitted that he was afraid to crack jokes in Delhi. In his own words-“In Delhi, I am a bit afraid to crack jokes because even if I joke….it can be misinterpreted and confusion can be created.”

“They (media) are looking for something controversial. Here in Goa we joke casually,” he said.

 “I remember I had inaugurated a girls hostel of GEC and I said after 30-40 years my dream of going to a girls hostel has been accomplished,” addressing a function hosted by Ficci Ladies Organisation.

“I remember in 1947-48, when India’s population was 35 crores. I remember my father even when I was a teenager, he used to complain about the very high population growth in India. He went to the extent that he used to tell everyone, his friends, ‘Idhar ek Atom bomb girna chahiye, aur aadhe log jalke khhak (An atom bomb should fall here, and half the people would burn to ashes’). He thought that with one atom bomb we could solve the problem of national population in one go” Parrikar said, speaking of the population problem.

And the last but not the least from our wittiest Parrikar, a joke he cracked at IIT Meet in Pune

Two lions escape from a zoo. One of the lions had been captured from the jungle, so he runs back to the jungle. The other was born in the zoo itself - so is basically a city-slicker. He vanishes into the city.

Three days later the jungle-lion is recaptured - and returned to the zoo. A month passes, then two, three..... but city-lion is not traceable! Finally, after six months the city-lion is also recaptured and brought back to the zoo. Jungle-lion is amazed to see his friend.

Jungle-lion: For God's sake, how were you able to evade these guys for 6 whole months?!

City-lion: Kuchh nahi yaar! I just went to a government department, and hid behind a huge pile of dusty files that they have there.

Jungle-lion: But what did you eat there?

City-lion: Arrey, there was an unlimited supply of government servants. Whenever I ate one, they hired five more. Nobody did any work anyway, so nobody missed the ones I ate.

Jungle-lion: Wow! But, then how did you get caught?

City-lion: Galti kar gaya yaar... On the last day I ate the chai-walla. Now, everyone missed their chai-walla & their chai! They launched a massive hunt. And I got caught!




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