Lt Commander Abhilash Tomy of Indian Navy received a heroic welcome on Saturday as he returned from a 150 days of non-stop trip around the world in a sail boat Mhadei.  

 Lt Commander Abhilash Tomy is the first Indian and the second Asian to have achieved the feat. Only 82 person in the world have done the solo circumnavigation till now.  The 33-year old naval officer, who completed the expedition alone on March 31, now joins the ranks of 80 others worldwide to finish this non stop Sagar Marathon.

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Pranab Mukherjee received him after the completion of the voyage.  congratulating the officer he said, "Solo circumnavigation is not only physically challenging but also requires very deep knowledge of navigation meteorology and boat maintenance. A nation's social and economic well-being is intricately linked to the seas, not only for trade, but also (as to) how it faces threats to its security that develop across the seas." 

 Lt Commander Abhilash Tomy has sailed around 22,100 nautical miles, crossing the Indian, Southern, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The Indian Navy launched 'Sagar Parikrama I' to undertake solo circumnavigation of the globe. The first such circumnavigation was accomplished by Cdr Dilip Donde on May 22, 2010. Sagar Parikrama II, which was flagged off from Mumbai last year on November 
Chief of Naval Staff D K Joshi now hopes to encourage women naval officers to undertake similar expeditions. 

 Lt Commander Abhilash Tomy said the scariest moment on the voyage was when he encountered the rough sea near the Cape of Good Hope. "With waves at 30 ft high, the sail tore, making it difficult for me to manage the boat. But the best part was seeing a lot of whales and dolphins,'' said the naval officer.


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