The Indian Navy, which is already hit by the massive delay in the Gorshkov aircraft carrier delivery is now facing another blow. The country's ambitious destroyer ship-building project, construction of Kolkata class 7,500-ton indigenous destroyer warships at Mughgaon Dock Limited has been hit by delay as integration problems have cropped making the delivery of the first ship available this year almost impossible.

 Incidentally, this will be the largest destroyer warship in Indian navy fleet, when commissioned.  

 First of the three stealth warships, which is already delayed by the original delivery schedule has been further pushed back by some more months from the revised timetable of Mid July, informed sources confirmed. The commissioning of the ship in highly unlikely this year as the destroyer needs to be pulled back to dockyard to rectify the alignment issues that came up during the sea trials.  

        Sources said current projections show INS Kolkata may be ready for delivery to Navy by first quarter of 2014, instead of the revised commissioning date of mid July 2013.

       The destroyer project, comprising three ships of 7500 ton each was cleared by the government at a cost of Rs 22000 crore. The first ship of the class is facing some peculiar problems as all the major component of the ship are functioning well separately but start misbehaving when put these in tandem, sources said. Its Engine, the gear box and the shaft—all are doing well separately but ship starts making noise when all these function simultaneously. This needs a thorough check up of the entire machinery to correct the technical snag, they added. 

Thankfully, sources said second ship of the class is on track. Three ships of the class will serve Indian Navy—first one will be INS Kolkata and other two INS Chennai and INS Kochi. 


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