In a first India,China ships to play war games in US-hosted RIMPAC Featured

  • Sunday, Sep 29 2013

Indian Navy is all set to participate in the US-hosted international exercise along with 22 other nations including China next year in Hawaii. India’s participation in the multi-lateral naval war game Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) was confirmed in joint statement issued after the summit lever talks between the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the US President Barak Obama in Washington yesterday. “President Obama also welcomed India’s decision to participate in the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) naval exercise hosted by US Pacific Command in 2014” the joint statement said.

Applauding bilateral defense cooperation, including trade and military exercises, President Obama and Prime Minister Singh expressed satisfaction with the progress achieved to date in defense relations, the statement add. They emphasized the need for more intensive defense cooperation on both sides and both he Leaders reaffirmed their desire to further strengthen defense trade cooperation, endorsing a Joint Declaration on Defense Cooperation as a means of enhancing their partnership in defense technology transfer, joint research, co-development, and co-production. According the statement, President Obama encouraged the further participation of U.S. firms in partnering India’s efforts to enhance its defense capacities.

China has already confirmed its participation in the RIMPAC and this would be first time the navies of the two neighbouring countries will be playing the war games in the exercise of this scale.

Earlier, sources in the Indian Navy were not inclined to confirm their participation in the multi-lateral exercise.

To avoid being seen in anti- China grouping, India was not unwilling to take part in the exercise, but the Defence Ministry quickly given its nod after China confirmed its participation in the same. India’s partners in the east are set to join in the RIMPAC including Indonesia and Japan along with 22 other countries’ navy.


Indian navy would be fielding its three warships including two of its frontline destroyers in the exercise to showcase India’s growing capabilities. Navy is also planning to send two P-8I long range maritime reconnaissance aircraft which it recently acquired from USA. 

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