Navy to open bids on Monday to select firm to selvage INS Sindurakshak Featured

  • Saturday, Nov 09 2013

The investigation process into the Sindhrakshak tragedy is set to enter in its final phase as the international tender floated to select the suitable company to the selvage the sunken submarine from Mumbai dockyard will be open on Monday, the Chief of Naval Staff Admiral D K Joshi has said.


Investigations made some initial progress but hit the dead end subsequently as the vital evidences could not be found because the vessel was submerged deep into the seabed. All the efforts to pump out the water from failed due to the big breech in the hull of  the submarine. 


Indian Navy have issued the Request for Proposal (RFP) to the 5 globally acknowledged salvage firms to fish out the submarine which had gone down after it caught a major fire caused by a series of explosions in the midnight of August 14. 


“All the firms have all submitted their bids and commencing Monday we will open their commercial bids, short process, you'll know who the winner is” said Admiral Joshi in an interview to Nitin Gokhle of  NDTV. He said, “these are really renowned names, one of them was actually involved in lifting, I won't name the submarine but a submarine that had sunk about a decade ago”. 


The Navy Chief said, “whosoever wins the contract has to be again done in a very transparent fashion, would prove the hardware and get on with it. And once we retrieve the submarine, we have the final forensic evidence we were looking for and the board of enquiry would be able to complete its proceedings and point out at what went wrong.” 


In a status report given to media on Navy had indicated that the investigations have struck a wall and “further progress in the case is possible only after the boat is salvaged.  One month deadline given to the Board of Inquiry has been extend, official sources in the navy said. “Every Board of Inquiry is provided a broad period and it is not proper to come this conclusion that nothing has been done so far” an officer, who is closely monitoring the case, has said. 

The diving operations to find out evidences has all along being carried ever since the accident happened. Only 11 bodies out 18 personnel could be found out who were onboard the submarine at the time of mishap. 


The salvage operation may take more than 2 to 6 months depending upon the situation in the naval dockyard of Mumbai where the submarine sank. The boat was fully flooded when it gone down. The explosion was triggered in armament section of the submarine according the defence minister AK Antony who gave an statement in the parliament about the tragedy.


“The BoI cannot be completed unless the physical inspection is carried out in the boat and this is possible only when the submarine is out of the sea” sources said. 


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